5 Lunch Ideas for Busy Kids & Parents

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5 Lunch Ideas for Busy Kids & Parents

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Like many parents, I find myself scrambling for lunch ideas for kids.  Of course, I want to make sure it is healthy BUT I also want the kids to enjoy it.  Most importantly, it should be quick and easy to make!

So, here are some lunch ideas you can do for you kids at the next camp or event!

Pasta Salad

Possibly one of the easiest and more enjoyable treats for kids.  Cook up noodles the night before.  Mix with veggies and meats (optional).  You can add a little salad dressing, however I find adding this separately means kids can choose either to have it or not to have it with their salad.


Lucky for me, my kids are not gluten intolerant.  However, you could still make this with gluten free flour.  For the quickest results mix together 1 cup self-raising flour, a little sugar (sometimes I use bananas), 1 egg, a pinch of salt and some milk.  Mixture should be thick enough to pour but not to thin.  If it is too thin, you will end up making crepes!  (not a bad thing either)


All time favorite and easy to make. In fact, you can ask you kids to help you make their sandwich adding responsibility and in dependency.  #lifeskill

Fruit Cups

Simply cut up pieces of fruit and place in a patty pan.  Don’t forget to squeeze a little lemon/orange juice over fruit such as apples or bananas to help reduce the ‘browning’ effect.


Wraps are another easy lunch idea.  Kids can participate in the preparation. Fill wraps with kids favorite meats/veggies – roll – cut – your are done!

We hope you have a few ideas for kids these holidays.  Of course with Easter around the corner, you may wish to add some Hot Cross Buns!  😉


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