Pay It Forward

TechCamps4Kids goal is to impact at least 1 million children positively by 2020.

What does this mean and how would this look like?

Our goal is to unleash potential within the next generation by offering Life, Learning and Literacy Skills within a technology environment.  We know we have achieved this when we start to see a change in Australia and globally, with more kids collaborating, creating and developing solutions for everyday challenges.  From games for kids with learning challenges to environmental solutions, TechCamps4Kids goal is to be the leader is this change.

As Brenda van Rensburg (Co-Founder of TechCamps4Kids) stated: “Technology is the cheapest form of export.  We know we have created changed when Google and Apple create a Head Office in Perth!  Then we know we played an integral part as a Game Changer!”

How can you help?

Every little help we receive allows us to reach more kids.  Our Pay It Forward opportunity has been designed where anyone can be part of our journey.  Individuals, Parents, or Businesses can purchases a ticket which can be donated to someone else.  These tickets will be listed on this page (and in events) so that kids can apply for these opportunities.  As gratitude for your contribution you can name the ticket after your business, your family or you can stay anonymous.  We will further add your name to our Supporters Page and link it to your website.

How does it all work?

If you wish to participate in Pay It Forward, please visit our Events Page to purchase a ticket.  In the notes and sign up form, please notify us of your intentions.  We will contact you for verification and then list details of this ticket on the relevant pages.

What happens if we want to support on a great scale?

If you wish to nominate and sponsor a school for us to visit, please contact with your name, contact number and opportunities you would like to create.


WA Video Game Challenge 2017 – 12 August 2017

3 Tickets Sponsored by TechCamps4Kids
Conditions:  Aimed at Kids whose family may be struggling financially.  Please email TechCamps4Kids with name and contact details so that we can process this ticket for you.


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