Learning Style Analysis

Learning Styles

TechCamps4Kids are qualified holistic educators.  We focus on a number of areas to help your child learn and develop.  One of the areas we focus on is Learning Styles.

We know that Learning Styles are not limited to just Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.  There is a lot more to it that just that AND we also know that there are over 45 elements that can affect a child’s Learning Style.

Unfortunately, however, not many classrooms are equipped for a diverse range of Learning Styles.  As a result, many kids tend to drift off in their ‘own little world’ and are often lost to the amazing journey of exploring new skills.

Knowing a child’s learning styles means one can be better equipped.  Granted, there are generally over 20 kids in a classroom.  Which means there is a high chance you have 20 different learning styles in the room.  However, knowing the different types of learners in the class means that educators can be better equipped with ways on how to impact a child and inspire them to be curious about learning new skills!

TechCamps4Kids offers parents the opportunity to complete a Learning Style Analysis.

What does this all mean?

TechCamps4Kids will schedule a one-on-one session with parent and child.  In this session, questions will be asked to a child in a fashion they will understand.  A detailed report will be emailed to the parent about the different learning styles.  There are 3 reports:  One for the Student; One for the Parent and One for the Teacher.

This report will highlight the strengths of a child’s learning style.  Solutions to helping your child will also be offered.

Does a Learning Style Change?

Yes.  As a child develops they mature and take on more responsibilities about their own learning environment.  Some learning preferences may stay with a person throughout one’s life, and know what are the strengths within one’s learning style means you can tackle challenge tasks in a manner that best helps you.  We call this empowerment.

How do we book a session with TechCamps4Kids.

The best method is to email them directly with you name and contact details.  The reason for this is that classes are run through the day, and the lines are generally open for parents to contact TechCamps4Kids in case kids need to be picked up at a different time or by another person.

TechCamps4Kids will respond to all LSA (Learning Style Analysis) questions within 48 hours.

Email:  admin@techcamps4kids.com.au


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