3 Ways you Can Help Your Child with Goal Setting this Term

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3 Ways you Can Help Your Child with Goal Setting this Term

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Setting Goals can be a challenge, especially for kids.  Firstly, they don’t understand why they should set goals?  Secondly, they cannot understand how achieving a goal can impact their lives?  And lastly, completing a task can be timely and patience is not always in a young person ‘skill set’.  So how can parents help their child set goals?

LONG TERM (Term Project)

Ask you child what sort of things he/she wants to achieve in the areas they love! If they love soccer, ask them what is one thing they want to be better at.  And then ask them what they need to achieve to be better.  At this point, you can work out a little ‘game plan’ to help them work on this area.  Make sure you ask them to rate themselves in the ‘skill/area’ before creating a plan and then each week see how they are progressing.  Video is also a good tool to use, so they can visually see their improvement.

MEDIUM TERM (Weekly Project)

Some kids LOVE school.  Others struggle.  However, learning habits of doing a little homework will help in the later stages of school, especially in year 11 and 12.  Create a little Weekly Goal list where kids can focus on different subjects each day.  At the end of the week, they can be rewarded for achieving the weekly goal.

SHORT TERM (Day Project)

Help your child create a goal where they will see immediate success.  An example could be helping with chores at home!  Set one short term goal, such as making the bed or helping with the dishes.  Once they achieve this, remind them of their success of achieving that goal and reward them!  They could receive 5 more minutes watching their favorite YouTube or something you know they enjoy.

Our Minecraft Club focuses on Time Management and Goal Setting.  Using something kids are passionate about helps them achieve short term, medium term and long term goals WHILE having fun!

Keep a watch out for our next Minecraft Club which could be hosted in your area!

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